Monday, 1 January 2018

US5934226: Bird Diper

US5934226 is related to wearable pet appliances and, more particularly, to wearable pet appliances with sanitary, protective, and restraint applications for pet birds.
As per Abstract of US'226:
A bird diaper for an uncaged pet bird to wear, featuring an enclosed pouch for receiving and containing excrement, and apertures to accommodate both the wings and the tail of the bird. Elastic straps and hook and loop fastener components (e.g., VELCRO) secure the diaper onto the body of the pet bird without restricting movement. The bird diaper is fabricated from spandex (e.g., LYCRA) or another stretchable, lightweight material, allowing absorption of bird excrement to prevent leaks and facilitating easy cleaning using soap and water. The bird diaper can incorporate decorative designs, bright colors and is available in different sizes. The bird diaper also has a leash which is insertable within the hook and loop fasteners. The leash serves to restrain or limit the bird's area of free flight.

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